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Praise for The Romanov Cross

“Masello takes the medical thriller, the historical novel and the ghost story and makes them into a coherent whole, permeated by a delicious sense of creeping dread . . . tense, taut, and impossible to put down.”   —  Kirkus (starred review)

“All  these elements shouldn’t work together, but they do.  The love story between Anastasia and a young recruit to the Red Guard tears at the heartstrings, and would make for a terrific stand-alone novel . . . But Masello weaves all the different threads together in a story that holds the reader’s attention from the beginning to the very end.”  — The Washington Post

”  . . . a terrifically intriguing and quickly evolving thriller . . . 500 pages of well-composed and simply but effectively plotted prose. . . Scene by scene, chapter by chapter, this book rushes along.  For all of its frozen setting, the novel seems like the perfect story to keep you turning pages through the end of winter, whether tethered to your bed by the flu or on some southern island where you might be hiding out to escape the cold.”   — Alan Cheuse, The Dallas Morning News

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