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Praise for The Romanov Cross

“Masello takes the medical thriller, the historical novel and the ghost story and makes them into a coherent whole, permeated by a delicious sense of creeping dread . . . tense, taut, and impossible to put down.”   —  Kirkus (starred review) “All  these elements shouldn’t work together, but they do.  The love story between Anastasia and a young recruit to the Red Guard tears at the heartstrings, and would …Read More

Welcome to the New Year, full of things that have never been.

         I was really stumped about how to start this blog — does this happen to everyone, I wonder, the first time out? — when a friend appended the following quote, from Rilke, to an e-mail greeting:  “Welcome to the New Year, full of things that have never been.”          Seeing as I’m writing this on New Year’s Eve (it’s a wild life I lead, huh?) and just three hours …Read More

The Romanov Cross Introduction

On a remote Alaskan island, Dr. Frank Slater, a brilliant but disgraced Army epidemiologist, must do battle with everything from the inexorable forces of global warming, to the power of an ancient Russian curse, if he hopes to stop the greatest plague in history — the Spanish flu epidemic of 1918 — from being released again into an unsuspecting, and un- prepared, 21st century world.